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Intelligent Technology Services is dedicated to planning, integrating and managing current and future technologies into your business environment..


Whether you are a small startup company or a large corporation, we have the ability and technical knowledge to integrate these technologies seamlessly into your business. With the expertise of our founder Carlo Mercieri, one of the most trusted, respected and knowledgeable computer systems analysts in the industry, along with our finance, operation and marketing teams, we are able to find the just the right technology solutions to fit your business needs and are devoted to providing reliable Managed Services to businesses that want to improve productivity and profitability. With reliable IT Support that’s backed by our team of experts, you can stop worrying about your technology and get back to business. With our Total Care IT service, your technology is monitored and maintained proactively, so you can gain the benefits of stress-free Infomation Technology

Total Care IT Carlo J. Mercieri: Chief Exectutive & Technical Officer
As founder, Chief Executive & Technical Officer , and one of the most credible, trusted, respected advisors and knowledgeable computer systems analysts in the industry Carlo has designed and supported technology for over 25 years, and is an accomplished jazz guitarist as well!

Total Care ITAnna Mercieri: President & Chief Financial Officer

Total Care ITFrank Cresenzi CISSP: Chief Information & Security Professional

Total Care ITKathleen Reilly: Executive Assistent

Total Care IT Donna Gard :  NSB Workshop Manager

Total Care IT Total Care IT: Proactive Maintenance & Support

Total Care IT Jennifer Norman A.S: Sr. Technical Analyst

Total Care IT John Bell:
Computer IT  Systems Analyst  

Total Care IT Support: Support Staff General Mailbox

Total Care IT Positions Open: Remote Support Specialists, PC Technicians, Network Technicians, Sales

Total Care IT General Support: General Support emails are answered within 24hrs.


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