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Intelligent Technology Services is dedicated to planning, integrating and managing current and future technologies into your business environment..


Our Culture

What exactly is it About Our People?

It truly is all about the people at Intelligent Technology Services. We work as one team in delivering outstanding value for our clients and customer partners.

Our collective team spirit, enthusiasm, innovation, and energy serve as the basis for what makes us so successful.

The Promise of Technology Starts with Our People

It’s our promise to our clients to help them grow their businesses by providing better programs, services and support. But that promise would go unfulfilled without our people and their unique contributions.

What are the tangible and not-so-tangible things about Intelligent Technology Services associates that make others want to become a part of something so great?

It's a result of the way we work and how we treat each other. It's a result of how Intelligent Technology Services leadership empowers us to achieve impressive feats on a daily basis.

Continually promoting innovation is required of an ever-changing, fast-paced IT business. Intelligent Technology Services attracts and hires exceptional people who are creative, innovative, flexible, bright, adaptable, and team oriented. We like our fellow associates and are proud of our collective contributions.

We're part of a diverse, hard-working team that knows how to have fun. We enjoy a working environment where all are encouraged to contribute new ideas.

We are passionate about what we do.

We are the kind of people who thrive on change.

We appreciate the value of being in an environment where we are constantly learning, and it motivates us even more because we know we are part of a team where everyone's ideas and contributions are recognized through formal and informal programs.

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